LUDLOW, Mass. (Mass Appeal) - H & R Homes promises to be your remodeler for life. We headed out to South Hadley to meet with Hunter Marosits, owner of H & R Homes and take a look at one of his most recent projects, a three season room.

About H & R Homes:
Building an addition on your home can be one of the most time-consuming and complicated projects you could ever imagine without the proper guidance and knowledge of an experienced contractor. Depending on the type of addition one is planning, he/she will need, in many cases, a member of every trade in the construction industry to complete the project. An architect is needed to draw up plans, an excavator to dig and backfill the foundation, a concrete contractor to pour the foundation, carpenters to build the frame, electricians, plumbers, heating and air-conditioning contractors, drywall and plaster contractors, well, you get the picture!

Why have thousands of homeowners throughout Massachusetts been choosing H & R to handle all of their home improvement needs? Well, the answer can be found in both our company’s logo and tagline “Your Remodeler for Life.” When company founder Helmut K. Marosits established the company in 1979, he wanted to create a company that could fulfill all of the needs of homeowners and provide them with personal attention. H & R has an all inclusive business model that provides all of the necessary home improvement services a homeowner may need. A glance at the company logo, and one notices that H & R can build a custom home; add an addition; remodel a kitchen or bathroom; reroof a house; install replacement windows and vinyl siding; and even build beautiful new decks and porches. Our multi-talented approach benefits all homeowners for a few reasons.

First, homeowners looking to complete a variety of projects at one time can find a solution with H & R. It is becoming more common for homeowners to undertake a combination of home improvement projects all at once. In other words, installing a new roof, vinyl siding, and replacement windows all at once. With more people refinancing their homes today, equity is being used to help finance these projects simultaneously. You save time and achieve better results with your home improvements by hiring a single company to handle everything.

H & R’s multi-talented abilities also benefits homeowners because homeowners are able to take less risk by doing all of their home improvements with one company. It can be a very grueling task to interview several contractors for each of your home improvement projects; plus, doing so increases the probability of hiring a “not so professional” home improvement contractor. Hiring a single company for your home improvements speeds up the completion of your project(s)and you get better looking results because we are able to match the products accurately. Once you hire H & R, you can rest assure that when the time comes to make the necessary improvements to your home, H & R will be there to help.